Growing Japanese Maples

Growing Japanese maples is easy – providing a few simple rules are followed. In the wild they are found under quite specific conditions and the key to success with them in cultivation is to replicate those conditions as closely as possible. Aspects of their supposed cultivation that many people fuss over, such as shade, acid soil and a plentiful supply of water are irrelevant.

Although there is a huge range of types and forms, from tall,vigorous red leaved cultivars such as Bloodgood and the green counterparts such as Osakazuki, the weeping dissected leaf forms of Red Dragon and Viridis for example, through to the Witch’s brooms and other dwarf maples, they all derive from one species and three sub-species. In that respect the successful cultivation of, say Beni hime and Felice is no different to that required for Asahi zuru and Orange Dream.

Of course, this presupposes that you are starting out with a healthy, vigorous Japanese maple; sadly, many plants for sale are in less than perfect condition, but even the most sickly plant can be nursed back to health with the right treatment.

The video series on growing Japanese maples, that this site showcases, is designed to provide a comprehensive guide to all aspects of their cultivation; under any conditions found in the garden and irrespective of the state of health of your Japanese maple. If you can grow weeds you have a suitable environment to successfully grow a Japanese maple!

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If this is your first visit here you can download the Concise Guide by filling in the form on the right. The Concise Guide is just that; 24 pages of information covering all the basics of container cultivation, garden cultivation, pests and diseases and pruning. No substitute for a comprehensive, full colour video but you can print it out and use it as a handy reference guide.

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